We find more and more big retail businesses putting Greeters at the front door to cheerily welcome us as we enter.  I presume the purpose of this is to give us a warm and fuzzy feeling about the whole shopping experience.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly feel better about spending large amounts of money at such an establishment.  As you know, we encourage visits to our factory in Charleston and, in fact, were on the cutting edge of this trend, having had a Greeter for years.  Just watch your step as you enter.


Monday Morning, 12/15/03

We could hardly wait to get to the office this morning to see who won the free Edisto as promised in our Birth Announcement posted a few weeks ago.  A copy of each order had been placed in a blank,  hermetically-sealed envelope (to keep those pesky hermets out),  scrambled and spread out on a table for the big event.  And the winner is:  Our own Cliffy.  Just kidding.  We declared ourselves not eligible at the last moment.

The actual winner is Judith from Vermont who,  in fact,  ordered two Edistos,  probably just to improve her chances of winning.  Well,  Judith,  congratulations!  It worked!