The trouble with holidays is that you have too much time to ponder things.  So I’m sitting at home instead of building kayaks pondering why my right knee still hurts after having arthroscopy last January to trim a little meniscus.  (Actually, there were several other defects that had to be tidied up also,  due to many years of wear and tear).  The surgeon who did the operation is reported to be quite good and is also a friend of mine and someone,  I hope,  who never goes on this web site.  You will see why in a moment.

After having enough synovial fluid removed to top off a small tank car,  I’m at the end of my rope,  but I keep remembering my doctor’s mantra:  “You’re bow-legged.  People who are bow-legged often experience knee problems at your age”.  And sure enough,  on close examination in a full length mirror,  I reluctantly concede that I am,  in fact,  bow-legged.  But the stunning news is that my right leg is now much more bow-legged than my left.  This deserved much more serious pondering.

Suddenly,  in a rare flash of brilliance,  it occured to me:  What would Gobe do?  Or AnnD?  Or Cliffy,  Haith,  Dickc,  Dave,  BOBK or Lincoln?  They would retire to their workshop and modify and build and modify again until they were happy with the results.

After a short commute to the Folbot factory and a few hours of trial and error,  I’m feeling much better about my long-term knee prognosis.  While called insane by a few close members of my family,  it is nonetheless comforting to strap on my homemade orthopaedic device in the morning and face the day,  satisfied in the fact that I’m doing SOMETHING.  Whadaya think?



8 thoughts on “Forumesque

  1. Phil, Your engineering prowess is only outdone by your good looks and ability to built a super folding watercraft! You’ll be dancing the Tango in no time! Good luck, Pete
    p.s. What are the yes/no buttons for, on the commment page?

  2. Hello Phil,

    Nice modification, but where is the cup holder?

    By the way, most of us Folbot owners have found the boats stable enough that we very seldom are required to revert to bracing…


  3. Pete,

    Thanks for your comment. The yes/no button is defaulted to “no”, but will remember your name and email address (yeah, a cookie) if you click “yes” in case you are back soon and are tired of typing!


  4. Good orthopedics; kinda scruffy knee.

    I like it. When can I get one for my Kodiak?

    I need one of these for my severely left-brained mind, to correct a similar defect.

  5. You may be onto something there, Ollie! Just don’t overdo it. I had a friend who was bow-legged and his wife was knock-kneed. When they stood next to each other, they spelled OX! There’s nothing that inspires genius more than pain.

  6. Mr. Phil..
    Looks good.. the mod I mean.. ha..
    You are gonna wear long pants over that contraption eh?
    No sense showing off those “bird legs” any more than necessary.. ha..
    Like you. .. work on a mod in the ole shop is surely a release valve on tension and woes.. oh How I Love It So..

  7. Now I suppose you will have to invest in an off size pair of boots to fit over the apparatus…But that sould be ok, the support looks like it takes less than ten minutes to assemble and can be bagged for airport travel. Cool name yet?

  8. Excellent addition to the fleet, Phil. But Mike is right. It seriously needs a name. Kneekon? Kneediak? Kneeland II?

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