Having a Golden Retriever that doesn’t like to ride in the car is akin to having a Lab that doesn’t like to swim.  But because Max would be oh-so bored at home on most days,  he must ride.  And once at the plant,  he’s a very happy dog,  what with lots of human attention and a higher probability for a random squirrel sighting.  It’s getting here that’s the problem.

Ever since a detour onto the shoulder at 70+ with the attendant shouts and wild gesticulations at the trucker who left us no other route,  Max views any powered vehicle with a jaundiced eye.

He will ride,  but always calls shotgun.  Not only is the front passenger seat his only option,  but that seat MUST BE EMPTY.  He refuses to take his place if anything larger than a molecule is already there,  but will stop short and stare at the offending object until it is removed.  Typical of unacceptable obstructions would be a gas pump receipt,  or a dime.  This from a dog who crashes through the thickest brambles in the woods after wild animals,  real or imagined.

So this morning I placed my favorite fleece jacket on the floor of the front seat (items on the floorboard in front of Max are marginally acceptable),  provided cold,  fresh air to keep his mind off of vehicle crash statistics,  and things were looking pretty good.  Right up until he threw up. Onto the fleece.  (Photo to go here censored by Jay the Webmaster as being in poor taste.)


4 thoughts on “Doggedness

  1. When teleportation devices for home use comes into being.. I’m betting I know who will be one of the first to own one.
    Nothing like a loved doggie to come home to, and one to greet you at your jobsite would probably just as welcome, knowing the circumstances of travel alternatives!
    Young Max is a sweetie.. and I’m sure you wont’ be mad at him long..

  2. Maybe Max is ‘training’ you! Bet you won’t lay anything in ‘his’ area that you wouldn’t want barfed on! (;>) When I was a kid, I had a dog that I was trying to train. I was in the yard raising cane with the dog and my Dad came out, walked up to me and quietly said, “Always remember, son …. in order to train a dog, you’ve first gotta be smarter than the dog.” That was over 55 years ago and I never forgot it!

  3. It is a known fact (Jay the Webmaster can confirm) that animals prefer to puke on the closest things that are the hardest to clean. Thus, when one’s house is entirely hardwood floors, certain cats will choose only to puke on offending clothing, books, or (their favorite) crinkled-up duffle bags (preferably including the handle of the duffle in the spray). Sometimes, if you’ve really behaved miserably, they prefer the bed.
    PS Love the site!!

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