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Since you have nothing to do but check what’s new from the Front, see if you can correctly identify the photo in somewhat specific terms. Taken last May in Charleston, I would like to know what the small circular area in the center of the photo represents and how it’s defined. The person who identifies it most correctly (IMHO) may deduct $50 from their next accessory order. Go. Employees and their families are, once again, ineligible.

5 thoughts on “Small Contest

  1. Phil,

    Hard to get going this morning so surfing the folbot site is good. Water is still frozen in these parts though – As Cliffy says, ‘the boats sit in the closet and call to you’. Our trip to southern states has been postponed because of a broken ankle (wifes, not mine) but maybe early March.

    As to the photo, I believe that the circle in the center of the photo is ‘bare’ground higher in elevation than the surrounding area. The circle defined by deposits of pollen left by water. Elevations on a topo map would be a good analogy.

    You really made it much too simple.

    John Miller

  2. So much for that contest! The three words I was looking for were “high ground” and “pollen”. John, you could not have nailed it more accurately. It pays to surf this site!


  3. Simplicity.. yuk.. scientific terms are much more fun..
    The Area in question shows significant lack of residue with regards to plant reproductive emmissions.. causes range from elevation of the area during a high moisture to low moisture period of time passage ……or
    UFO landing pad coverage during the same time passage period.
    An envoirnmental impact study is warranted to asertain various harm possibilites caused by the uneven distribution of the material and long term effects that may play into the planet’s recovery from this event.
    It is suggested that the area in question be quarrantined for a period of 100 years for the study.
    Uh…. yeah.. I’ve been to a few meetings than ended like this.. ha ha….
    enjoyed the contest.. sorry I wasnt’ eligible (:>)

  4. One of these days you ought to have a contest for just your employees and their families and have everyone else ineligible…make sure you do it in public ‘tho.

  5. When John said I really made it too simple, I didn’t take him literally. Just goes to show you what happens when a neophyte attempts to stage even a small contest. Place your mouse on the hyperlink “Go” and the URL description below reads “pollen topo”, my name for the photo when uploaded to the Movable Type site. DUH! I bet that doesn’t happen again.

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