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I know you’ve probably given up on “The Front” by now, but I’m back to try to redeem myself. I mentioned a while back what a poor multi-tasker I am, so if I’ve ignored “The Front”, you must know I’ve been immersed in a major project. So…finally…after about one year on the middle burner and six months on the front, turned on high, we are ready to release (drum roll) the Cooper, a totally new boat! Marketing folks are always tempted to call something totally new when it’s only a minor revision to the original. But this is not marketing hype. This is an entirely new boat! There are three major points that differentiate Cooper: size, assembly and weight. At 16 1/2′ X 24″, Cooper borders on skinny by our standards. The frame is completely assembled, including seat, slipped into the skin, and then expanded with a simple tensioning mechanism that elongates the frame at the stern. By using a lighter weight TPU (thermoplastic urethane) material for the hull and keeping the frame simple, the whole boat is amazingly light at 31.5 lbs.

At this point, you have the highlights of the Cooper and may stop reading. Technogeeks stay tuned. My next entry will include all the mind-numbing details and philosophical reasons for the Cooper’s design.



6 thoughts on “Big News and Other Things

  1. Beautiful boat, Phil; congratulations! What great specs — long, lean, low, light — and what an outstanding price, too, sir. I’ve begun saving my pennies to add it to my modest stable (’04 Aleut, ’95 Greenland II).

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    John G.
    La Jolla, CA

  2. Well Mr. Phil, you certainly came up with a gem this time! I’ll be looking forward to the mind-numbing details forthcoming. This craft will make a great replacement for my Sporty, which weighs the same as my Greenland II and causes like threatening wounds every time I assemble it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that;>).

  3. Outrageous! What a leap. I really wanna see the innards … and maybe a couple shots of frame assembly. that looks like a terrific boat, and what a value!

  4. I’m impressed! This is the closest “modern” rendition of the traditional skin-on-frame kayak on the water. And, it’s a beauty! Can’t wait to get ol’ Numero Uno, assemble it and get it on the water! Guess what I’ll be taking to the Rideau Flotilla in August? Fantastic job, Mr. Phil!


  5. I hope you guys can be as nice AFTER you’ve assembled and paddled the Cooper. I’m looking foward to getting some in the field.

  6. Phil,

    When will this be commercially available? Have you done any comparisons on assembly ease and performance with the Feathercraft K1 and Kahuna? This may be the Folbot product that convinces me to buy. Both my wife and I are interested. She wants a red on and I want the yellow one. Also, if we visit your factory, will one be available for a test ride?

    Dave Baughman, Fort Collins, CO

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