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Ah, the growing pains of a new product! As with all of our entries onto the market, we design carefully, test thoroughly and then let the new owners tell us if anything needs work. With about 100 Coopers in the water, there is one area of concern that has been brought to our attention by several paddlers: the reluctance of the bottom keel to stay in the half-moon clips on frames number 3 and 4. Four customers have voiced this concern, so we jumped on it and now have a very simple fix and will make it available at no charge to all Cooper owners who want it, plus it will become standard very soon on all Coopers. The fix is quite easily installed by the consumer or, as always, we’ll do it for you. What we’ve done is incorporate a cinch strap trapped between the half-moon clip and the crossframe itself. After snapping the frame in place, the cinch strap is fed through a delrin rectangular D-ring and pressed back onto itself. With this in place, you can stand on a longeron and try to pull the frame loose without success.

Particularly for those who plan to roll their boats, we recommend these cinch straps on the number 3 and 4 frames (bottom keel location), number 1 frame (lower longeron locations), and number 5 frame (gunwale locations). For type A personalities, they can be added anywhere or everywhere. For each cinch strap that is added, an owner would have to remove the half moon, slip the strap onto the stainless screw and replace the half moon. Quite easy, really. The delrin D-ring is tucked out of the way and the strap makes a very minor impression on the skin and that impression is “soft” so as not to encourage hull abrasion at that point.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback. Please continue to let us know your thoughts so that we can do the best job possible.



5 thoughts on “Cooper Mod

  1. Sweet. looking forward to receiving mine! A very elegant fix considering the need for afterthought….

  2. That sounds like a workable solution for the several spots involved, Phil. My solution is two 1″ nylon straps that wrap around the entire frame just behind frame #2 and frame #4. I used the straps from my kayak cart and make sure the buckle is on top and between longerons. This didn’t cause any problem sliding the frame in the skin (or out). I tie the nose of the Cooper to a post or tree when pulling the frame out of the skin. Pete

  3. Originally and on test paddles of the boat..I hadn’t noticed any tendency for the frames to dislodge, however.. Folbot (read as -YOU-) seem to respond with the customer’s concerns in mind… so Im not surprised as the quickness of your reponse in this area.. Each area of improvement can only make this a better product. On my most recent visit.. You watched confidently as I violently shook the frame outside of the hull, and my efforts to pry the longerons off of the ribs… You’ve already heard my comments as to the firm attachment these straps provide.. to others reading this.. I’m rather impressed with this fix… simple.. firm.. and a sure problem solver. it’d easily stand up to any longeron dislodging folks have encountered. It wasn’t a problem to me.. but the boat is better now.. so I’d have to call this an averted problem..
    Good looking.. easy.. retrofitable.. yeah.. Good fix.

  4. Mr. Phil shipped me the ‘Cinch Strap’ fix for Cooper No.1. Since I was taking the Cooper apart to transport to Chaffee’s Locks, it was no problem installing the Cinch Straps. Elegant in it’s simplicity and a ‘piece of cake’ to do! All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and an 11/32″ nut driver/socket/box end wrench or the ol’ adjustable vise grips. Nothing to it and solid as a brick after the ‘fix’. I didn’t have a problem to start with, so this comes under the heading of “Preventive Maintenance”. Good ‘fix’.

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