Total Transparency

I think it is very important to have total tranparency between a company and their customers, especially when it comes to measurable facts that effect a person’s purchasing decision.

So when I read the following regarding the weight of our boats: “…but they (Folbot) are almost deceitfully economical with the truth…”, I was a tad troubled, to say the least. There was nothing hostile is this thread and it was posted with the diplomacy typical of the User’s Forum, but I did feel a response was in order.

My response was to weigh a couple of the current production boats so that I could report my findings for all to see. We are constantly making small changes and improvements to all of the models and every change effects the weight, so the fresh measurements were in order.

Cooper…advertised as 31.5 lbs was actually 34 lbs. including seat and deck rigging. The reason for the 2.5 lb. weight gain was the reinforcement of the center keel with a second, heavy-walled tube running the full length of the boat.

Aleut…advertised at 39 lbs was actually 37.3 lbs., including seat and EXP deck rigging.

Greenland II…advertised at 62 lbs was actually 57.5 lbs., including two seats and EXP deck rigging.

Based on the above, I called off the test and will stand by the advertised weights of the Yukon and Kodiak, although I suspect that both will weigh a pound or two less than the published weights.

The reason this is a partiularly sensitive subject with me is that when I took over the company in 1983, I weighed a Super, advertised at 79 lbs and it tipped the scales at 94. Now that’s a problem.

A second very legitimate concern was voiced in the same Forum thread mentioned above and that was: But what am I going to be carrying?

We publish boat weights because we want to be on an equal footing with other kayak manufacturers. We can’t guess what you might want to include with your boat, but we can tell you that two carrying bags weigh 4.58 lbs. and that one Cooper carrying bag weighs 2.08 lbs. Add paddle(s) to that, a foot rudder and various other accessories, and the weight is sure to increase! But put the same stuff inside a hardshell and (thankfully) its weight will go up too.

Having schlepped a few boats around the airport, I can really appreciate the total weight concept. We would suggest that you use our published weights for the boats and their bags and then carefully weigh your planned accessories before starting a trip. Because there always seems to be just enough room in the carrying bags for one more item, the total might surprise you.



One thought on “Total Transparency

  1. How do you weight a boat.. it should be simple.. but seems complicated when it’s a folder..
    A boat weighs what a boat weighs.. however it’s made.. and a paddle weighs.. and a PFD weighs.. etc…..
    I doubt even an addition to the ads stating what a boat weighs in the bag would do.. due to all the things that can go into the bag other than the boat……
    I can see the honesty in advertizing you do.. I hope others will also..!!

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