Well that was quick…

During the first six months of 2004, we designed and engineered a tensioning system for our new Cooper which was introduced in June, 2004. Last week it was brought to my attention that a folding boat of Chinese origin is now using a very similar tensioning system. It’s a good thing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You would think that they would have at least asked.


3 thoughts on “Well that was quick…

  1. Ya know.. from now on.. I’d think it’d be a good idea to make all your changes and innovations .. “Invisible”.. so other mfg’ers couldn’t see and copy them..
    Seriously though… it’s kind of like a waterfall.. once one “water” sees the drop.. all will follow…… Your’s was still the innovation of innovations.. good idea..and works well..obviously.. or they wouldn’t have copied it..
    best to ya..

  2. As a customer I certainly appreciate your effort in re weighing the boats. I never weighed my two Folbots but both the g-2 and Kodiak always seemed about right regardubg the published weights.

    I will add that to me every boat no matter the brand always seems heavier taking it out of the water, putting it on the vehicle, etc after a few hours of paddling. They always seem so lite when coming off the roof top and going into the water.

    Keep up the good work.

    Bob K

  3. Phil, it was a little mean of them to “borrow” your idea! But, it IS the best way to tension a small cockpit kayak. I do like the two extra tubes they added to capture the upper longeron end slides. I guess they figured they needed a tensioning system and yours was the best they could find. Shucks, they may have pilfered several other systems that didn’t work! Yours is the KING!

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