Not for the Squeamish

So I’m trying to figure out if this medieval device has any application in a Folbot frame and I decided to share it with you to (re)emphasize the importance of safety around the house. ONLY FOUR MORE WEEKS before the Doc whips out his Craftsman drill to unscrew the four main posts (holding the carbon rods) and his pliers (medical grade – $2000) to yank the seven pins (holding the bone fragments). I can hardly wait.



3 thoughts on “Not for the Squeamish

  1. Geeez Phil, you gotta keep your arm out of that TIGER’S MOUTH! Heal quickly and I hope the pain subsides fast. Pete

  2. Ewwwwwh! Igor would be proud! Bet that hurt when you did it … back to counting mushrooms on the coast of Oregon.

  3. Man, that looks really scary. Providentially, Halloween is just around the corner, and that “medieval device” could serve as the basis for a Star Trek Borg costume, or even Marvel Comic’s Cable, sporting a techno organic virus.

    Hope you recover completely and quickly. I always enjoy your notes From the Front. Thanks again for hosting the Folbot Forum, which has contributed substantially to my kayaking education.


    Chris Calatrello

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