Hoover’s Omission

In 1928, Herbert Hoover promised the American people that if elected President, there would be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. What he didn’t promise, understandably, since five years would pass before we produced our first folding kayak, was “A Folbot in every trunk” (a worthy goal if there ever was one). More important than not missing a tune because of the iPod or not missing a call because of the cell phone is the life-broadening experience of not missing the perfect body of water because you just happen to have your boat in the trunk. Toward that end, we proudly introduce the newest member of our fleet, the Kiawah, the ultimate in portability.

The Kiawah takes its name from a beautiful river just south of Charleston, SC and bears a strong kinship to the Cooper, our speed demon, because if its construction. But the differences are significant. Kiawah is about three feet shorter and uses only three main crossframes. I can testify, under oath, that the Kiawah can be set up with one hand (see two previous posts). And what’s really neat is that the tweaks and retrofit kits that were made for the Cooper have been all incorporated into the Kiawah from the start.

The assembled boat is quite rigid and tracking is excellent. Frame components are naturally smaller and the Kiawah packs compactly into a backpack-style bag with standard shoulder harness, sternum strap and hip belt. The ideal paddler weight for this boat is between 100 and 180 pounds, and height is not an issue. See Kiawah at the top of our front page for more photos and specs.

There really is no reason not to keep a Kiawah in the trunk at all times, should a body of water pop up that needs exploring. If I could only have one boat, the Kiawah would be it. As always, feel free to call our factory at 800/533-5099 to discuss this new beauty!

(And, yes, Cliffy has known about this boat for several months. He restrained himself admirably.)



3 thoughts on “Hoover’s Omission

  1. Very nice indeed. The Cooper has been my first choice for a while now, but I would opt for the shorter Yukon when headed for a river. It looks like the Kiawah offers the best of both worlds.

    Keep up the good work, and take care of those limbs.


  2. This little craft is an absolute wonderful addition to the FOLBOT fleet! Congratulations on a fine engineering job! Now sit back and listen to what the “nay-sayers” have to gripe about…grin. I hope you get to assemble the Kiawah with TWO hands soon. Pete

  3. Restraint is tough.. testing is fun.. thanks for allowing me in on the first few rides…. watching the babies grow is the ultimate thrill.. !!!!!

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