Horse Trade Month

Rather than extend the July Sale into August (as we often do), we thought we would have some fun and proclaim August to be Horse Trade Month here at Folbot.

We have applied the KISS principle, making sure there is nothing to lose by us or you, and here is how it works:

Select the boat and accessories you would like to have. Take note of our normal prices for the package. Call us at 800/533-5099 or email and tell us what it’s worth to you.

We will accept or reject your offer depending on several things: our backlog, the mood we’re in, the phase of the moon, our direct manufacturing costs and how much we like you. If you are close, we might make a counter offer. Either party is allowed to beg or plead. Whining is discouraged.

Be honorable. If we reach an agreement on price, we are prepared to deliver at that price. You should be prepared to order.

Let’s keep this fun. Please do not call back every five minutes raising the ante by a nickel. We won’t call you back saying we’ve changed our minds. Any offers higher than the published price are sure to be accepted!

This offer will definitely expire on 8/31/06.