Creativity Also Encouraged

So far, we have had a lot of fun with Horse Trade Month. Everyone has taken our August incentive in the spirit it was intended. I have copied and pasted below (with permission) a particularly creative email offer we received (and accepted.)

Dear Friends at Folbot,

F F is for “Folbot: the Finest”, and “Falling in Love” with a concept I’d never even heard of until a few weeks ago.

O O is for “Opportunity Knocks.” Imagine, Folbot is having a SALE.

L L is for “Living Life to the Fullest.” Imagine, the orthopaedic poster child, eligible for Medicare on the basis of age, paddling quietly along a lagoon or lake shore, watching birds and photographing to her heart’s content.

B B is for my “Beloved,” of 44 years, who says “If you’re going to get one, we BOTH need one.”

O O is for “OK, join me on this fabulous journey of exploration and adventure.”

T T is for “Tell me, Folbot, that you’ll accept my offer!”

One Aleut (green), with EXP package
One Yukon (blue), with EXP package

total offer: $xxxx [Surely you didn’t think I would divulge that. -ed.]

delivery – yesterday!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t deliver yesterday, but the buyer was understanding and will begin getting younger each year in a couple of weeks.

Keep those cards and letters coming.