Irrefutable Logic

The desperation some customers will demonstate in an effort to get us to accept their offer is stunning. (Please see below an excerpt from an email received yesterday, reprinted with permission.)

“In considering whether to accept our offer, you indicated the phase of the moon was relevant. We note that it is a full moon TODAY, which must be relevant for something. The local TV weatherguy called it a “Sheperd’s Moon”, which sounds pretty cool, but I think he just made this up because Google came up empty. Wikipedia says it is a “Corn Moon”, which doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with kayaking, but I thought I would mention it anyway. On the other hand, horses eat corn, and horse trading under a full moon sounds authentic, so maybe it does all fit ogether!”

How could we say “no” to a reasoned argument such as this. We couldn’t and their GII will ship the week of 8/21.

This sale is big.