Let the Price War Begin!

In response to a cut in prices by some of our competitors (who shall go unnamed…surely you don’t want us to do all the research for you), we are offering our boats at a HUGE 20% discount for the month of October.

Your savings are:

Aleut $310, Aleut EXP $350, Kodiak $350, Kodiak EXP $390, Yukon $330, Yukon EXP $370, Kiawah $309, Cooper $329, Greenland II $499, Greenland II EXP $559.

If an order is placed by phone, the discount will be applied by the person taking the order. If the order is placed through the OnLine Store, the discount will automatically be applied when you hit the “Buy Me” button.

Here’s our rationale:

1. It’s the time of year when we must work harder to keep the men and women who build our boats busy.

2. We get to measure the effect of lower prices during the slow season, a valuable bit of information for future years.

3. We need to offer something in place of our famous One-Day Sale that folks inquire about relentlessly.

Here’s the answer to the most FAQ: If you can sell your boats at this kind of discount, have you been gouging us during the rest of the year?

Short Ans: What a silly question. Of course not.

Long Ans: The price at which we sell our boats depends on you. We have fixed costs that continue at a level that doesn’t change no matter how many boats we sell, i.e., utilities, insurance, advertising, communications, office salaries, upkeep, postage, etc.

So our margin (sales price minus direct costs, which include material and labor) will hopefully cover these fixed costs. But lots of little margins are just as good as a lesser number of bigger margins.

Here’s what I’m really saying: The success of this sale depends on you. The more we sell, the more affordable the price. Don’t let us down!

I hope everyone is having as pretty a fall as we are in Charleston!