Happy New Year!

You’ve probably only heard that subject phrase a thousand times in the past week, but we would also like the opportunity to wish for you a prosperous and healthy 2007, the combination of which should equal a reasonable state of happiness.

Many thanks for your support of our biggest sale of the year at the end of 2006. You made October, November and December three of our best months, which is pretty neat, since that is technically our “off” season. Now don’t jump to the conclusion that we made money because we didn’t, since we were practically GIVING you the product, but our mantra is “make wages, pay the bills and break even”. Unlike the Wall Street, we don’t have to have double-digit bottom line gains quarter over quarter to be happy! When we originally cut our prices by 20%, I warned you that this was a test to see if increased volume would compensate, and you all came through like champions. Midway through October, I’m going “Dude, this is gonna work”. (I really don’t talk like that, but one of my ’07 resolutions is to learn, so I can communicate with people born after 1980.)

So here we are booked through January and wondering what we’ll do as an encore. How about this? We leave the 20% discount in place as long as we’re breaking even or better. We’ll commit through January 31 for sure. Beyond that, you’re in control.