Yet More Fun From Folbot

We had way more fun than normal companies last August when we introduced our brillant marketing plan called “Horse Trade Month.” This is when the customer gets to tell us what a boat is worth to him/her and we get to accept or reject the offer. Since the Winter Sale has come to an end and we have a few more months of cold before the new leaves emerge, we’re offering another chance to “horse trade” for the month of February.

Here are the same RULES that worked flawlessly last time, so why change them?

Select the boat and accessories you would like to have. Take note of our current prices for the package (See current boat prices below. Accessory prices are found in the Online Store.) Call us at 800/533-5099 or email us at and tell us what it’s worth to you.

We will accept or reject your offer based of the following: our backlog, the mood we’re in, the phase of the moon, our direct manufacturing cost and how much we like you. If you are close, we might make a counter offer. Either party is allowed to beg or plead. Whining is unacceptable. Poetry or limericks are encouraged but certainly not required.

Be honorable. If we reach an agreement on price, we are prepared to deliver at that price. You should be prepared to place the order.

Let’s make this as much fun as it was last time. Please don’t call us back every five minutes raising the ante in nickel increments. We won’t call you back saying we changed our minds. Any offers equal to or higher than the published price will be most appreciated and surely accepted!

This opportunity will go away on March 1.


2007 Boat Prices (Same as 2006)

Greenland II $2495
Greenland II EXP $2795
Yukon $1650
Yukon EXP $1850
Aleut $1550
Aleut EXP $1750
Kodiak $1750
Kodiak EXP $1950
Cooper $1645
Kiawah $1545

What is included with the EXP package is shown on the boat model pages when you click “Learn more about the EXP package.” Accessories and their prices for all boats can be found in the Online Store without placing an order.