Folbot Fairy Tale

The author of this Horse Trade offer is one clever dude. And I quote, with last names and amounts left out for obvious reasons:

Dear Magnificent Folbot Angels,

We are humbly writing to make a serious offer. Please bear with our story!

There were two married men, Paul and Kent, from
Colorado who, despite their poverty, embarked on many
adventures. The sad truth is that their wives held control of their
meager possessions. They loved kayaking and planned to kayak in many
parts of the world. One day they hatched an idea to rent tandem
kayaks and take their wives on a trip that would excite them into
buying the kayaks Paul and Kent always wanted. They went to Baja
independently and roamed the sea and islands. A couple weeks in Baja
with their own private beach every night and the wives were sold!
Well almost. When the wives were told of the price they said, ‘forget
it. Not in your lifetime!’ Stunned and dejected, Paul roamed the
Internet for months pathetically looking at kayaks and kayak

As luck would have it, one day Paul came across a company called
Folbot. Here was a direct manufacturer with renowned customer
service, well-made expedition quality kayaks, with very competitive
prices! Unfortunately, still too much. Then Paul came across ‘Horse
Trade Month’ and the campaign started. He begged his wife. He called
Kent and begged his wife. They both begged their wives together
then they begged each others wives. It was a sad and embarrassing
scene but it paid off and the wives agreed to let them make an offer.

The offer: Two Greenland II’s with expedition package for $X,XXX.XX.

Obviously Paul and Kent were concerned. They knew the Folbot kayaks
were worth more than this. Would Folbot be insulted? They knew
Folbot’s margins were very low as it is and this was very near, if not
below, cost. But they made the offer and prayed.

Paul and Kent’s pitiful begging and embarrassing letter became a sad
laugh with the employees of Folbot and out of shear charity they
decided to approve the sale!

Paul and Kent, who live in a town often referred to as the Sports
Capital of the United States, became lifetime spokesmen for Folbot.
They talked about the virtues and freedom of folding kayaks and got
many people hooked. To their friends in town and on their trips around
the world people asked about their boat and they always said, ‘For
customer service, quality and price look no further than Folbot’. Of
course they NEVER divulged the charity price given them to anyone.
They put pictures of their amazing trips on a website and talked
Folbot up in the forums.

Over 20 people bought Folbots at full price directly on Kent and
Paul’s recommendation over the next twenty years.

In 2027, twenty years later Kent and Paul were better off financially
and they bought two new Folbots. They never forgot how Folbot took
care of them in 2007. In the end everyone benefited greatly from
that one original deal.

The End

How do you refuse an offer like that? We didn’t.

And another submitted a poem and actually wanted it published, so here it is:

“I often Wonder”

I often wonder what it will be like
To sail my boat by the full moon light
The wind pulling my boat and my senses alive
The air cold and moist as I rise and then dive
Over the waves one after another
when the sun finally shines down with sail up with rudder.

I am now at the spot where lies the great fish
I am here in the spot filled with anticipation
If another day passes and still the great one stays free,
it’s another night sailing for my folbot and me.


So now you know what we’ve been doing today. And they call this work?