Spring Happenings

After a long hiatus, I thought it would be good to mention a few things that we’ve been doing over the winter, lest you get the impression that we have become complacent, or worse yet, satisfied with the status quo.

First, our new teal, purple and pewter deck colors are becoming much more popular, especially the teal. We’ll get the web site updated to include these so everyone will know that they are available. Call or email us and we will send you samples of these colors if you want to have a look at the actual fabric.

Against all odds, we’ve finally been able to convert the last two Kodiak frames to the black anodized aluminum tubing, so that the boat frame is no longer a hybrid. The 1-S and 5-S were so small that bending them was a challenge, but perseverance prevailed and future Kodiaks will now have matching frames. The new 1 and 5 frames are totally retrofittable to the older boats for those who are purists about such things. There had been some speculation that the Kodiak’s days were numbered, so this should squelch those rumors.

We have also perfected an expedition spray skirt for the open-cockpit boats. The spray deck is of heavier fabric with a very stiff built-in skirt coaming and a more conventional nylon skirt with a diagonal suspender to keep the deck raised to prevent puddling of rain or rogue breakers. It will soon go on the web site as an optional accessory, but will become standard with the EXP package.

Many other developments have been and are in the R&D phase in our constant quest for perfection and we will fill you in on the ones that become production as they work out.

I once again thank our forum participants for being such a great bunch of people. Our forum manager, John Haide and son Jay continue to come up with ways to thwart the spammers with pretty good success. We feel worse than you do when one slips through, and we try to delete them as quickly as possible.

Aside from the lack of rain, Charleston is really pretty this time of year, so stop by and visit the plant if you are in the area.

The really good news is that I guess everyone has adjusted to the ratchet effect in gas prices, because business is brisk and we continue to have fun at the Folbot factory!