Some Answers and Other Things

Dear Forum People,

I love you guys! Warm weather seems to have awakened you. At 5 am this morning it was clear that I was also awake for good and the paper hadn’t arrived so I read through the most recent entries with my MacBook propped on my stomach. (Laptops can be as cozy as a good dog in the winter, but tend to get a tad warm this time of year in Charleston.) Rather than intrude on your forum, I thought that I would answer some of the questions and comment a bit on the other fun stuff. If you haven’t already, you may want to read the forum to see what the questions were.

Replacement twist valves: Steve was correct. A toll-free call will get you a freebie replacement. Yes, the tube can be reused by clipping off the tired valve and installing the new. We use HH-66 PVC adhesive which is a solvent and makes a permanent joint. We can supply that, too, but will have to nick you for about $4 for the adhesive. We have our limits!

Yes, Hypalon will shrink a very slight amount, especially when provoked, such as by storing wet or allowing to dry off the boat frame. The up side is that it will only do this once, so shortening the frame of the boat to accomodate the 1% tighter skin is a lifelong fix. The Cooper and Kiawah frames compensate for this by being adjustable. And jaygee, I think Dickc was being tongue-in-cheek when he replied to your question. I only wish that we built flawless boats without exception! We try to do the next best thing by fixing our mistakes.

If you know John, our forum manager, you wouldn’t be surprised that he is helping to clean up Hump Island this weekend. Way to go, John, and I hope others in your area show up to help.

Yikes. I didn’t expect to be quoted when I wrote to steve b about the sailing rudder. We tested by sailing with each during the same hour, same wind and water conditions, with no apparent difference. I purposefully started with the bigger rudder for the sail rig when it first came out, hoping to better coax the boats through a tack. We learned how best to tack, but it wasn’t the rudder. The current rudder size is an attempt to keep folks from having to have two different size blades, but as you can see from my email to Steve, we’ll provide the larger one if you insist!

Bill’s experiment with the fiddle and Gobe’s response left me laughing well into breakfast. I love Bill’s new slogan and Ann’s suggestion for a photo is brilliant. So Bill…a high-res image could make you famous, not to mention the credits you would rack up at Folbot for countless accessories.

One last thing. What exactly was going on Tue, Jun 26 @ 4:23 am? Was there a forum party and I just wasn’t invited? A concerted action? Those of you who pay attention to the bottom of the Forum home page know what I’m taking about.

Many thanks to the folks who have been on the Forum for years and continue to respond with great answers and advice. If I wasn’t afraid of missing someone, I’d list you all here, but everyone knows who you are. You each remind me of my grandfather…never too busy to help.