Passion Rewarded

Folboters have an amazing reputation as being an involved and passionate crowd. Just spend a few minutes on the Forum or talk to some owners and it is easy to see that the reputation is deserved. But, wow! It is incredible just how involved and passionate you all are!

I have proof of this on two fronts. First, from the mass of emails I received with your best wishes for our tenure at Folbot. Not only did you have very nice and supportive things to say, but you had lots of great suggestions on things we should work on. Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to write.

The responses to the survey we sent out also show what a remarkable bunch you are (if you did not get a survey, please do not feel left out – the names were randomly picked). The response rate to the survey was just under 50%, which is an almost unheard of level. Geez- did we get an earful of great feedback and ideas. Thanks so much to everyone who took part. When we have spent more time with the results, I look forward to sharing some of them with you.

And we are responding! Already small changes are being made (things like getting a color chart up on the website, putting the Folbot logo on the bags, mailing fabric swatches out so you can see the colors and feel the material- and more are on the way). Please keep those ideas coming. No one knows the products and your needs better than you. (Yes, we really have heard that you want more comfortable seats. We agree — butt comfort is VERY important!)

Speaking of which (no, no — not your butts), I hope you have seen the end of year offer on the home page. We came up with the idea of ‘Folbucks’ because we wanted to find a way to engage and reward our great customers. Who better than a happy customer to help us sell the boats? And we want you to get something, other than some new paddling buddies, for your efforts. Earn those Folbucks – we all win!

Finally, I wanted to flag for you that 2008 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Folbot. We are going to have a doozy of a celebration. We want people to know how rich Folbot’s history is, that we are still here and are going to be for a long time. Let me know what you think we should do to celebrate ( I feel a party coming on-

Thanks again.


P.S. We thought you might like to see Tony and me having our first board meeting. (Tony is in the hat.)


7 thoughts on “Passion Rewarded

  1. Glad you’ve re-enabled comments here. A cross-country anniversary tour (stopping off, of course, somewhere here in Southern Middle Tennessee) bringing some of your boats along for demo purposes would be a great idea. An expense, and maybe a headache, but it would allow a whole lot of interested people see and handle your current boats.

    Good picture, you guys look pretty happy. The best to you all in this venture,


  2. This subject may have been discussed in the forum, but since I don’t follow it, I’ll add this suggestion anyway and hope the new Prez or someone reads it:

    I need a really, really lightweight kayak, folding or not. I’m searching for a 30lb max boat. In fact I had a lovely one for over twenty years, made by Folbot. It was marketed as a children’s model though it could carry a 130 pound adult easily. Its frame was of wood, not aluminum; it actually didn’t fold, but was small enough to make that unnecessary. I lost it in a highway accident and I’ve been unable to find anything close to it since.

    Kayaks now marketed as “children’s” or “women’s” or “featherlight” all weigh in at 38 pounds or more. Certainly nothing lighter than my current Aleut. I think there’s a need in the market for this, for your customers who have kids, or small people like myself, or people getting too old to lug the weight around or to try to get it up on a car top. Wouldn’t you consider designing and marketing for the small once more?

    Please feel free to respond to this email address, as I am more likely to receive a notice that way than through a website posting.

    Barbara Benary

  3. Thank you for allowing comments again.

    My idea for celebrating the 75th anniversary is to take out full page ads in a broad range of magazines (ones that Folbot used to advert. in, like Pop. Mech., don’t know if Folbot still adverts. there, but when my dad had his collection going back to the ’40’s, there were quite a few decades of Folbot ads, as a matter of fact, I probably had a 95% chance of finding one in one of his old magazines when I picked one up to look through, since they were in radom “order”). The ad would show a “then” and “now”, for ex. take a photo of the old Sporty with the specs. on one side and on the other show the Kodiak with its specs. That would be one recommendation. This would have the effect of possibly reaching a new audience, if the ad is not just in the kayaking and canoeing magazines, as well as draw attention to Folbot from people who might consider something else.

    Perhaps offer a scale model of the equivalent classic model, say the Kodiak/Sporty above, give those who purchase a Kodiak, during the year, a free scale model of a Sporty and put somewhere on there “Folbot 75th Anniversary”.

  4. I, too, remember the old ads in mags like Field and Stream (I think). In fact, when my wife said, “go ahead and buy a boat, Folbot floated out of my memorybank like an ancient spirit. It must have been the fifty-year-old ads. Anyway, I have two Folbots now, mostly because of the lifetime warranty. I’m counting on that warranty, so I’m rooting for your future.

  5. I have sold several boats the past couple of years (including one to the Netherlands), too bad this wasn’t offered before. We travel extensively with our GII, and always draw a crowd setting up kayak. And, when we put up the sail rig, it is like rock stars showed up. So, now we can be even more enthusiastic salespeople. Good luck with the company, it is a great product, and the Phil’s staff have always been the best.

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