‘Tis The Season

For many of us, the end of the year is a time to sit back and take stock of things — whether from a business perspective, family point of view or about larger societal issues. We are even going to be conducting a physical inventory in the warehouse — now that’s really taking stock! At Folbot, 2007 was a year of major change. For the first time in 24 years there was a complete ownership transformation, Phil Cotton finally got the job he really wanted, and Tony and I have dived excitedly and deeply into the world of folding kayaks. But, this time of year is also a time to look forward — what do we want to accomplish at work and in our lives?

Well, you are best at handling your own lives and you probably don’t want to hear about mine – so I will stick to musing about Folbot. Now that Tony and I have been around for a few months, we have a better idea of what Folbot is – to our customers, our employees, the media and the world in general. Every company has a personality. Some are cute and cuddly; some are rock hard. Some pride themselves on inventiveness and being ‘cool;’ some want you to think of them as being just like grandma’s apple pie. People work for companies for certain reasons and people buy their products for certain reasons.

Folbot is a funny place. It is sort of like a golden retriever wearing an iPod (have you all met Max – Phil Cotton’s dog? Click here to see Max). Folbot is friendly and wants to please (excellent customer service is essential), faithful (lifetime warranty!), feels like it has been part of the family forever (75th anniversary coming up!), and has innovative technology which makes people say ‘wow’ when they see it. (What do you think? Is that a good analogy?) We’re excited to come to work every day because we believe in our products, we enjoy each other’s company and we treasure our customers. We try really hard so that you enjoy both doing business with us and paddling our kayaks.

But as with dogs and MP3 players, we still have to think about what comes next. 2008 is going to be a busy year for Folbot. Phil is working away in his undisclosed location, we are revamping the accessories (yes! offering a new seat), revising the website, introducing new ads and other marketing materials, showing up in person in places we have never been before, and making sure we celebrate the 75th anniversary in style. We hope you will like what you see and have some fun too.

That said, we’ll keep striving to be the same friendly and faithful company you have come to know, play with and feed every once in a while. We appreciate your business and we appreciate your friendship and loyalty.

Everyone here (and Max) wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

As always, please drop me an email any time (david@folbot.com).