Now For The Fun Stuff

Q. What is strong and stable and comes in eight colors?
Q. Which Folbot makes the best fishing platform?
Q. What former favorite just got updated with Phil’s magic?
Q. What did many of you ask for in our customer survey last fall?

A. The Edisto! The Edisto! The Edisto is BACK. You asked for it, you got it.

A lot of the feedback we received in our customer survey last fall indicated a considerable interest in having a Folbot which would be a strong and stable fishing platform. When we kicked around ideas as to how to fill this need, the light bulb went off and we came up with the thought of updating the Edisto. What better platform to begin with than the open and stable architecture offered by the Edisto? So, the 3-in-1 kayak now has four variations. A whole fishing and photo package has been added to the open deck, mini deck and full deck options. (Click on the links to read more about the Fish ‘n Photo package and the Edisto). And, I should point out, we have a special introductory price for February (20% off!) – so now is a great time to buy this fantastic kayak.

Speaking of new things, we are working on a new version of the website. We are pretty excited about what we see so far. One of the new features will be a photo gallery of Folbots in action. We would be delighted and appreciative if you would send some of your favorite photos of you and your Folbots — out on the water, in a spectacular place or just having fun — so that we can post them for the world to see. Please submit photos to us via email at (In addition to posting the photo on our site, please note that the submission of a photograph will be considered as granting us permission to use it in other ways as well — with credit, of course!) We are proud of our customers and love being able to show off what you do with your kayaks.

Also new is that we are going to start showing up more often in places where you can see and feel the boats in person. If you are going to be in Charleston for Valentine’s Day or the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (, head out to Brittlebank Park on February 15-17 where we will be exhibiting the Edisto and other Folbots. In fact, we are offering a special SEWE Edition – complete with its own nifty SEWE patch. If you would like the SEWE edition Edisto (in a nice camouflaging olive), please just let us know when you order.

Please also add the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival to your schedule. It is being held on April 18-20 at the James Island County Park in Charleston (click here to go to their site). Folbot is going to have a big presence there this year – we have already signed up to be a Silver Paddle level sponsor. We will also be really celebrating our 75th year anniversary around the Festival. So, not only will you get a chance to paddle all our boats, you will get to have some fun with us.

Oh, before I forget… thank you to all of you who ordered during our January sale. It was a great start to the new year. We hope that you are enjoying your new kayaks and accessories and we really appreciate your business.

And, we have some more new stuff in the works. Stay tuned and hang on- it’s going to be a fun year!


2 thoughts on “Now For The Fun Stuff

  1. Sorry, but I never quite got the idea behind the Edisto. It was the ugliest Folbot in the lineup and while I think that its good that you’re trying to promote it as a fishing platform, I would think you’d do far better by promoting the GII as a 2 person fishing platform and either the Yukon or Kodiak as the single paddler fishing platform. I suspect that the original Edisto did not sell very well, so why continue to carry a dud?

  2. I always thought the Edisto was cool, and if you’d had something like it in a two-seater at the time I bought my Pakboats Puffin II, that’s probably what I would’ve purchased.

    Great to hear you’re going to be showing up more places with your boats. C’mon over and see us in Tennessee. Stones River Watershed Association ( has a Boat-Day at Murfreesboro in July (I think – Last year, Jackson Kayaks showed up with a number of their small-wooden-shoe-shaped creek and whitewater boats. Folks were fascinated by the folder I brought, many had never before heard of a folding kayak.

    Heck, I know I’d be fascinated to see a modern Folbot in person, as it were.

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