February. Ho Hum??

February is known in the sports world as a month in the doldrums. The Super Bowl is over (way to go Giants!) and spring training hasn’t started yet (Go Mets!) Hmmm — my New York lineage is seeping through. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is causing some minor problems around here as Tony spent 20 years in Boston and is a big Patriots and Red Sox fan. Despite that, somehow we still get along and, more importantly, kayaks are still being made. But, since I’m the one writing this, I’ll repeat — “Go Mets!”.

In Folbot world, however, the doldrums is something that does not apply. So I thought I would share some random things going on here in the last month.

→ A high point in February was our exhibiting at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition here in Charleston. We met hundreds of people and got to show off the fleet of kayaks. (Click here to see what the landlocked fleet looked like at SEWE.) No matter how hard we try to show them in print or on the web, it is hard to top the experience of seeing Folbots in person. The Expo was also the public unveiling of the Edisto and the Fish ‘n Photo package. With all the talking we did, it only took us about three or four days to get our voices back! (On a similar note, if you are going to be in or around Perry, Georgia on March 14 -17, check out Folbot at The Rally (www.therally.com) – one of the largest RV events in the world. All the boats won’t be there, but you will get a chance to see a few of them, see our latest material and speak with real live people!)

→ February was also a month of feedback and innovation. Because of the great reception to the Edisto Fish ‘n Photo package (which you can see here in action), and some encouragement from a few specific Folboters, we have created a similar package for the Greenland II. You and a friend can now go fishing together in your GII! Stand and cast, sit up high, capture those award winner photos – no problem with this most stable of kayaks and the F’nP package. Check out it out here.

→ We decided to postpone our 75th Anniversary celebration until the fall. We realized that trying to have it during the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival in April was biting off more than we can chew (but, hey – check out the Festival’s sponsors page here). Rather than trying to shoehorn the celebration into a bigger event, we though y’all might like to come to Charleston in the fall when things are a little less hectic and the weather is still fantastic. How about a paddle and a party?

→ The price adjustments I talked about a few months ago are going into effect on April 1st. Click here to see the changes.

→ The website development is humming along. We are really excited about what we are seeing, and hope you will be too. A reminder – if you would like to submit your favorite photos of you and your Folbot in action or in cool places, please send them to photos@folbot.com. We will be delighted to post them on the new site, and possibly show them in other places as well.

→ Finally, we added a new seamstress to our fabric crew (decks, hulls, bags, etc.). We are delighted to welcome Lillian to the Fold. It is amazing what the effect of adding one person does to production!

Doldrums? Not around here!

One thought on “February. Ho Hum??

  1. I just bought a used one at a garage sale and I’m trying to figure out if there are any missing parts. Not sure if I got the whole thing. Any suggestions?

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