Phil, Websites and Bears…. Oh My!

A sure sign of spring for Folboters in the colder climes is that bears emerge from their caves. In sunny Charleston, hibernation is not a big issue, but at Folbot we did have a pretty similar experience recently – Phil finally came out of the research lab! What did he come out with? A new Folbot! This light (24 lbs. – heck, my wife’s purse weighs more), portable, quick to assemble (10 minutes) kayak is an engineering marvel. Its name? The Citibōt (check it out here, and click here to watch the Citibōt on video).

The thinking behind the Citibōt is twofold: first, the urban kayaking market is booming – launch sites are springing up all over cities and there are very limited storage areas (boat houses are full, and apartments or condos are small); and second, haven’t you had the experience of driving by an beautiful body of water and just wished you had a kayak with you? Well, the Citibōt addresses both of these issues. The Citibōt is truly urban friendly (hide it in a closet, toss it over your shoulder and hop on the subway to your favorite launch site), or it can leave in the trunk of your car to give you quick and easy access to those unexpected enticing bodies of water you just happen upon. We have had a blast paddling it. It tracks amazingly well for a boat its size and is extremely comfortable.

Phil was really clever in the Citbōt’s design. The seat frame actually acts as one of the cross frames, the cockpit coaming is so cool it will probably now be used in a couple of the other kayaks, and the seat itself – YES, the seat! – is really comfortable (air bladders allow you to raise and lower yourself, and adjust your lumbar support and your back angle). The Citbōt may be small and it may be inexpensive, but it is a quality Folbot – backed by our Lifetime Warranty and everything else that comes with being a Folbot.

Besides being the time for bear or Phil sightings, spring is also the season of birth or rebirth. Since you are reading this, you have probably already come across the newly redesigned Folbot website. Not only did we want a site that was cool, we wanted one which would be attractive and useful to both Folbot neophytes as well as our long time family members. The site is full of cutting edge technology and interactive areas. Check out the Paddler Experiences – see what your fellow Folboters have been up to or are saying, read The Front, go to the Forum. Colors on the kayaks now change when you click on them. Take the plant tour. Read the latest news about Folbot or reviews of our boats. Check out the anatomy page – this is my favorite part (make sure you move your mouse around). How cool is that?

One other thing – this week is the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival in Charleston. We will be there in force. Come paddle the whole fleet. Plus the demo boats there will be on sale. It should be a fun few days when the kayak world converges on our home town. Hey, the weather is great and we don’t expect to run into any bears.

As always, you can reach me by email and I would love to hear your comments.


2 thoughts on “Phil, Websites and Bears…. Oh My!

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Congratulations to you all on the sweet new boat and your fantastic website. Really appreciate the upgraded manuals being available on line. Hoping to hear that the very different design on the Citibot seat means that new versions for the Kiawah and Yukon are in the offing.

  2. The website looks GOOD. I’m going to be calling Wanda this week for a set of those Cooper float bags. Hope to see you all in or around Southern Middle Tennessee sometime soon.



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