Random Thoughts

Since Tony and I bought Folbot last fall we have been running at breakneck speed. Two new kayaks have been introduced, new marketing and advertising material has been created, a total overhaul of the website was completed, appearances have been made at shows, a monthly newsletter is being produced, and a whole lot more. Phew… and we have even managed to go for a few great paddles.

This month, without any major announcement to make, I thought I would share some random things going on here. So, in no particular order…

  • What did you all think of the Citibōt video? With almost 3000 views, it is turning us into a YouTube star. (I know the counter says it has been viewed less than that, but we had to take down the original video and put up a new one – and the original had about 800 views.) If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.
  • Thank you for all the feedback about the new website. We appreciate your attention to detail and your patience with some of the bumps in it getting up and running.
  • Check out the “News & Events” section on the website. There has been some great press and reviews. There are nice spreads in this month’s Canoe & Kayak and Sea Kayaker, and there is a lot of stuff in the works for the Citibōt and other models. Keep an eye on that page – we’ll put up the pieces as they appear.
  • The East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival was a fantastic event. We brought 17 boats and, as Silver Paddle level sponsors of the event, had a significant presence. We talked ourselves hoarse, got a lot of sun and helped piles of people go on test paddles. We even sold quite a few kayaks. Check out some of the photos in the galleries at Paddler Experiences on the website or here. There is also a nifty collection of shots of the famous Dubside rolling the new Citibōt at the Festival. Who would have thought you could do that?!
  • We have been asked to be more visible where people can learn about Folbot in person. So guess where Folbot is this month? Costco!! The local Charleston Costco selected us as their “Business of the Month.” We have a great display (we are not selling there, just displaying) and are very excited about the response – after only one week. And the management staff of Costco is so excited about Folbot, there is even talk about taking the show on the road. So, who knows, we may soon be coming to a Costco near you!
  • We are so busy we needed to make some room in the factory and showroom, so check out the Demo Boats sale. Do your part in the clean-up – buy a boat!
  • We have hired two new employees. Please welcome Lymus and Virgina to the Fold. Lymus is helping turn some of our raw materials into useable parts, and Virginia is busy sewing seats. We’re growing!

Finally, to help make Folbot even more transparent and closer to the Folbot community, we are trying to make it even easier for you to ask questions or give us feedback. A new “conversation” is up on the Forum where you can ask questions directly to me for the entire world to see and join in on, and there is a new link under “About Us” on the website if you want to have a private communication. If I don’t know the answer, you can be certain I will find out.

So that’s the latest news at Folbot HQ. We want to hear all about your great paddles this summer (and remember, send photos to photos@folbot.com)!


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