Folbot – Your Key to Economic Freedom

With what is going on with the economy, everyone seems to be feeling the crunch. Did you know that Folbots can help save you money (besides just being a super value)?

As gas prices keep soaring with no end in sight, doing anything to lessen your fuel consumption is a really good way to keep some money in your pocket AND to help the environment. Did you know that carrying a kayak on your roof (or even just having a rack on your roof) decreases your fuel efficiency by around 5%? Putting a kayak in your trunk or backseat saves you dough! (Let’s see – for every 15 gallons you put in your car at $4.00/gallon you will save $3.00!)

An even better way to save on gas is to use public transportation whenever possible. Hmmm… it is damn hard taking a hardshell kayak on the subway or a bus – but not a Citibōt. At just 24 pounds you can carry in a backpack, and it assembles in about 10 minutes. (If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here.) Your friends will watch in envy as you hit the water knowing you are saving cash and reducing your carbon footprint.

Compared to many other sports or activities, kayaking itself is a source of more savings. No greens fees, no admission fees for the ballpark, no country club dues, no bowling alley rentals, no fueling costs for your powerboat. See some pretty water. Assemble Folbot. Start paddling.

Buying a Folbot now also saves you money when the inevitable price increases come around. It is shocking how frequently we are getting notices from our suppliers of increases for the materials that go into our kayak manufacturing. So save money, buy a Folbot now!

On another note, we are looking at how best to grow the Folbot family. One way is to expand the reach of our newsletter — as most of our current readers are already Folbot owners (and many are owners of multiple Folbots). So to help spread the word, and help others become “greener,” if you have access to an email list that you think is appropriate to share, we would welcome your assistance. Please send any lists directly to me at You can be assured that we will not give out any names or addresses, nor will the recipients receive anything other than our newsletter or special offers.

And on a really different note, I want to point out that there is a nice piece on the Citibōt in Popular Mechanics this month. Check it out. Pretty cool.

So to recap… as Kermit the Frog would say, be green!

As always, please drop me a line with any questions or comments.


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