A New Day On The Front

As you may have noticed, The Front is evolving. In the past, new entries were added about once a month — usually timed with the newsletter. To bring us more in line with how blogs typically function and to focus on our corporate transparency, I have started to blog (don’t you love words that are both nouns and verbs?) more often. So scroll down the page and check out what you may have missed.

Now some other random Folbot tidbits…

Some cool stats about the Folbot site. In the last month there were about 16,000 visits to the site from 113 countries or territories. About 110,000 pages in the site were viewed by those people. And, since the new site went live, we have had visitors from 156 countries or territories… wow!

Over 1000 of you read The Front every month. Thanks for reading!

Tony and Phil now both have iPhones – and productivity has taken a hit. On the upside, they are really good using their iPhones.

Please keep sending photos from your Folboting adventures. Everyone at Folbot HQ loves seeing what the boats are up to, and we enjoy sharing them with the rest of the world on the website. Please email your shots to photos@folbot.com.

And as always, please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions.

How’s that for a blog entry? Short and sweet?

David A.

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