Think Pink! Paddle With A Purpose

We believe that as good corporate citizens we have a greater responsibility than just producing and selling cool kayaks and collecting money for them. As such, we are delighted to announce that Folbot is making kayaks with pink decks to do our part in helping raise awareness and funds for the battle against breast cancer.

Check out the details here.

The “Women of Folbot” get credit for this great idea. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) coming up, one of Tony’s daughters had the thought of producing a pink kayak. Everyone loved the idea, especially our wives and other daughters. With all of them and the women here in the plant helping fuel the fire, the idea quickly took off to where we are now — offering any Folbot model in pink (with 10% of the base boat price being donated). My daughter (age 11), who has been pushing for pink kayaks since we first told her about Folbot, is really thrilled!

The biggest challenge was to find the pink deck fabric. There is lots of pink material out there for all sorts of other products, but none readily available for kayak decks. Finding a source took a lot of Phil’s time and all of his connections. He finally located some appropriate fabric in the right color and with the right qualities. Of course, all of this had to be done “yesterday.” Phew!

Looking into the future… pink paddling events? Don’t want to run? Let’s see what we all come up with – including all of you, the other women and men of Folbot.

We hope everyone will be as excited about this initiative as we are.


5 thoughts on “Think Pink! Paddle With A Purpose

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  2. hi, just saw your pink kayak on line. and would love togetone. how do i go about getting one? and how much does it cost?

    thanks alot

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