October – The 10th Month, But Oct Means Eight!?

It has been an interesting month for us – appropriate for a month that is named for something it is not.

There has been lots of media activity and coverage about “Paddle with a Purpose” – our pink kayak initiative to help raise money for breast cancer research. We have received some wonderfully supportive emails, as well. If you read some of the older postings on The Front, you will see some of the activity that has gone on. We hope to sell a lot of pink kayaks and really make a substantial contribution. Unfortunately, with the way the economy is going, all sales are lower than we would like. Think Pink and make a difference!

If you are not interested in pink Folbots, our deal this month is an easy way to become a Folbot owner (or to add to your fleet). Check out the demo boat and skin sale we have going.

You can get a slightly used kayak, which is factory certified and comes with a full lifetime warranty. You can also buy an almost new skin for your old frame – there is nothing like a new set of clothes to make a Folbot happy.

Let’s hope the rest of this curious month is just that way because of all the ghosts and goblins we will see in a couple of weeks.

Here’s to a calmer stock market, strong global leadership, a civil ending to the presidential race and some wonderfully soothing paddling expeditions.

David A.

2 thoughts on “October – The 10th Month, But Oct Means Eight!?

  1. re October being the 8th month:
    Yes, October was the 8th month, December (deci) was the 10th month, until
    Julius Caesar came along. He wanted a month named after him, so we got July, bumping October to the 9th month. His brother Augustus Caesar wanted a month named after him as well, so we got August, bumping October to the 10th month. So there you have it. Please post for general information.
    Kingsley Dinnadge,

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