Christmas in October

We got a great email from a customer yesterday about the Cooper Sale. One of the things he said was that it enabled his wife and him to buy each other their holiday gifts (they ordered two).  We are, of course, delighted to play Santa Claus or Hanukah Harry, but that email raised an important point — if you are going to give a Folbot for the holidays, maybe it should not be a surprise.

We rarely get returns on Folbots. But, we have learned that surprise Folbot giving is not always a success. “Wrong model,” “wrong color,” “don’t want a kayak” are just a few of the reasons we hear in January for a return being made. Folbot giving is a wonderful thing, but selecting a Folbot is also a very personal choice. So, if you are thinking about giving a Folbot during the upcoming holidays, please consider including the giftee in the process! Everyone will be happier… and maybe even say “ho, ho, ho.” Anticipation is almost as good as being surprised.

And what better time to take action than now — during the Cooper Sale!

David A.

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