An Important Partnership

Folbot is proud to announce its support of and partnership with Real Men Outdoors. RMO is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at risk teenage children of single parent urban households see the opportunities that can exist for them despite their tough circumstances. The program is based around using the outdoors — camping, hiking and, of course, kayaking — to instill strong values and discipline into the participants of the program. RMO hopes to give these teenagers a “value system that will cause them to want to walk the path of being responsible contributors to their communities.”

The two leaders (both grandfathers) are undertaking a 300 mile kayak trip down the Florida coast in January to help raise awareness for this cause. We are delighted that they will be paddling and sailing a Folbot Aleut and Yukon. You can check it all out here:


Even in these tough economic times, we believe it is important to support this worthy cause.

David A.

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