What A Year

2008 was quite a year at Folbot. Tony and I completed our first year of ownership during very interesting times in the world. Despite a challenging economy, we launched the new website, successfully introduced the Citibot, added wonderful dealers in Sweden, Norway and Australia, expanded the Folbot Family and helped spread the word about the amazing qualities of Folbot folding kayaks (hey, did you see that Vanity Fair picked the Edisto as one of the “Hot Gifts” for this holiday season?). And, of course, 2008 was the 75th anniversary year of Folbot. That, just by itself, made the year a significant and memorable one.

Even during these challenging days, we are looking forward to 2009 with an optimistic and excited eye. We have a great staff, a fantastic product and lots of terrific things planned for next year. We are deeply appreciative for all our customers and supporters, and will do all we can to continue to uphold Folbot’s reputation for providing top notch kayaks and premier customer service. You deserve it.


So, on behalf of  Tony, Kay, Gillian, Phil, Wanda, Viet, Cindy, Ray, Mary, Phong, Herb, Dot, John, Lymus, Linda, Lillian and Debra — and our amazing volunteer Cliff, I wish you the happiest of holidays and a fantastic new year.

David A.


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