JoJo Mess Club and Other Great Names

I was corresponding with a Folboter in Hong Kong recently, which got me thinking about that wonderful city to which I used to frequently travel. I never got to go paddling there, but it sure would be a great place to explore by water.


When I think about Hong Kong, I always remember some of the wonderful food I ate there… and the name of one of my favorite restaurants in HK — the JoJo Mess Club (at the time a hole in the wall place in the Wanchai District).  What a perfect name for a restaurant… Mess Club.


That got me pondering about other interestingly named restaurants. One of my all time favorites is the Terminal Diner, which used to be right by the train station in Groton or New London, Connecticut. I am not sure I would want to eat in a place which has such a finite ring to it. But if I did, for safety sake, afterwards I might rush over to the Sanitary Restaurant near here in Folly Beach, SC, to clean up.

Of course, there is always No Name Restaurant in Boston.

Anyone have any good restaurant names?

David A.

3 thoughts on “JoJo Mess Club and Other Great Names

  1. Here in Dubai we have ‘Eat and Drink Restaurant’, It does what it says on the label!
    We also have ‘Automatic Restaurant’ but from what I can tell it’s all still done manually.


  2. When we lived near Folly Beach, SC, in the mid 80s – we actually used to eat a good, cheap breakfast at the Sanitary Restaurant! the name always cracked us up. we just called it “The Sanitary”

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