Hallelujah! Calling All Evangelists.

Check out this great email I recently received from a Citibot owner.

emailiconHey David –

I’m looking forward to getting lots of use out my new beautiful Folbot kayak.

I’ll be putting her in the water soon and I’m building a women’s kayaking group here in the Sarasota/Bradenton (FL) area.

I would like to see a squadron of Folbots here in the area.

The collapsible kayaks make a lot of sense for women because of the compact size and weight (I’m sure you know that most women are vertically challenged and have trouble lifting traditional kayaks over their heads, etc).

Lots of women are interested in seeing mine and testing it out (which I am happy for them to do).

Do you have any suggestions on how you might support me in my endeavor to become the “Folbot evangelist” in my area!!

I’ll be sure to keep in touch and send pictures!!

I am glad to say we now have our first official Folbot Evangelist!

Does anyone else want to help spread the Folbot word? Let me know.

David A.


2 thoughts on “Hallelujah! Calling All Evangelists.

  1. I just bought my Yukon through Jens of Sweden.
    I’m not sure if I’ll be a hard core evangelist, but I will post photos and a review on my site(s) later on when I have had time to try it out, as well as modification tips.
    I am in general a fan of folding kayaks due to Paul Theroux’s http://www.paultheroux.com/books/book-109.html The Happy little Isles of Oceania. Paul paddles a Klepper Aerius I which I have tried (and it is such a great kayak) it just wasn’t the kind of folding kayak I was looking for right now. The Yukon is (and yes, I know the Kodiak is more of a Aerius I conteder). Anyway, folding kayaks now seems to have two very custommer friendly resellers in Sweden which initself is good and I can also report that in general, kayaking has become very popular in recent years in Sweden.

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