Ultimate Biyaking… Creating a New Sport

It’s amazing how quickly things move these days. I was on Twitter on Monday and was Tweeting about how cool it was to be able to carry a Folbot on a bike.


From that short Tweet, a sport has sprung! We are now hard at work creating the world’s first Ultimate Biyakalon®. This multisport event will combine biking and kayaking. But the twist is that the Ultimate Biyakaletes have to carry their kayaks on their bikes!

In just two short days, Twitter has helped create quite a following for this new sport. We have a good idea for the location of the first race and are working hard to nail down details. Our goal is to hold the first race either this fall or next spring. After that, who knows… the Iron Biyakalon? Mountain Biyakaloning?

Chime in — what distances do you think the bike and paddling legs should be? Help create the rules. What do y’all think?

David A.


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Biyaking… Creating a New Sport

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    • It was considered, but we decided that folding bikes are not up to the same level as folding kayaks as far as being race worthy.

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