The Economy and Pricing

The economy is tough. We all know it and are feeling it. Last month I talked about how important fun is to help combat these tough times, and the idea of a “staycation.” Folbots are a great way to have fun at home… and while you travel. To help get ready for your staycation or vacation, lots of you took advantage of the big Mid-Winter Sale. We look forward to hearing about all your stories and adventures. Send photos!

Another effect of the economy is what it does to our pricing. Over the last year, we have repeatedly been hit with price increases from our suppliers. The cost of just about every material that goes into a Folbot has increased – generally between 5% and 15%. We have resisted as best we could, but are now forced into having to adjust the prices of the kayaks.

As of April 1st new pricing is being put into place. Fortunately, we are able to keep the increases to a minimum by our ongoing efforts at improving efficiency in the factory. We are also adding a layaway choice for purchasing the kayaks and are exploring third-party financing options to help make it easier to buy the boats.

The 2009 prices are:

Greenland II $2,595
Greenland II EXP $2,995
Greenland II Fish ‘n Photo $3,025
Cooper $1,795
Cooper EXP $2,070
Kiawah $1,695
Kiawah EXP $1,970
Kodiak $1,895
Kodiak EXP $2,220
Yukon $1,825
Yukon EXP $2,150
Aleut $1,725
Aleut EXP $2,050
Edisto $1,835
Edisto EXP Full $2,285
Edisto EXP Mini $2,125
Edisto Fish ‘n Photo $2,245
Citibot $1,197

Please let us know how we can help your new adventures unfold.

David A.


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