From the Mailbag… Um, Inbox

Here’s a nice email I received last week from Steve C. in Anchorage, Alaska.


I first paddled a Folbot in 1982 on a 32 night NOLS trip in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

That trip did it to me, and I have, basically, been in Alaska ever since, and I still paddle Folbots.

Over the years I have bought and sold several Folbots.  In 2004, right from the factory, I bought a Yukon for me and an Aleut for my wife; one of the best purchases of my life.  We love our Folbots.

A Folbot instantly makes Alaska bigger and more accessible.

I am looking at your web site, and thought I would wish you well. I am sure these are tough times.  You have a good product for the times in which we live.  We all need to just slow down a little bit: “stop and smell the roses”.  Folbots are good for slowing down and getting back to the basics.

My next boat will undoubtedly be a Greenland.


Thanks, Steve…

David A.


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