More From The Inbox

Here’s another email I recently received. I sure did appreciate hearing from Connie K. in New Hampshire.


I have been a Folbot fan for 50 years.  My father and I built my first kayak-a tandem model — from a kit, which cost about $300 back then.  It was perfect for exploring our Down East Maine coastal inlets and tidewater bays.  I carried it on top of my VW Beetle, and to my knowledge, it was the only kayak in town.

We kept that kayak for a number of years, and added a cotton upwind sail rig.  I was never a strong swimmer, but felt very comfortable in this wide, stable boat.  And true to the Folbot tradition for quality, in spite of being dragged unmercifully over sand, rocks and mudflats, it never needed a repair or a patch.

I have never been without a Folbot since 1959—mostly tandems until I purchased one of your early Aleut models some years ago.  It was everything I wanted—-stable enough for photographing wildlife, safe enough to handle good-sized wakes, wind and chop.

I recently returned to your web site and saw the little Citibot—only 24 pounds.  The Aleut is getting heavy for me now, but I expect the Citibot would take me through the advancing years while remaining stable and forgiving-as Folbots always are…

I think the Citibot is perfect for people of more “advanced” age, not only for its ease of storage, but perhaps even more so for its stability and light weight…

Thank you for… continuing to honor your tradition of providing us with an excellent product and unsurpassed customer service.

Thank you, Connie.

David A.


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