One More From The Inbox

I have been getting such great email recently. Here’s another I had to share. From Paul H….


We have been traveling to out there places extolling the virtues of Folbot.  I know we have at least scored two sales so far and many others we met seemed convinced they were were going to buy.

Last year we dropped our Greenland II’s in the water at Belize City and paddled the barrier reef there for over 150 miles camping on the small cays.  They told us “you can’t do that, nobody does”.  It was a remarkable trip and we really put the Greenland II through it’s paces.  600 lbs of gear and water.  Although I would never suggest this and we do our best to avoid such conditions, we must admit that at one two mile crossing we were in Beaufort 5-6 seas with frequent waves over the top of our boat and the Greenland II preformed amazingly.

Here are pictures from that trip:

In January my wife and I took a charter plane from Nassau to the Exuma islands and paddled alone over 100 miles in our Greenland II. We had an amazing journey camping on our own island every night.  We were amazed in this stunningly beautiful place that we never saw another kayak the entire trip.  Here is our blog from that trip with a link to pictures at the end of the note.

We admit these trips are not for everyone, but for those seeking amazing cheap adventures in these tough economic times you cannot beat a Folbot. We brought all of our own food and supplies so the cost of both of these trips mostly amounted to the plane flight.  We would have spent more staying home.  We have at least 10 places lined up that we can’t wait to explore.

Thanks, Paul… wow.

David A.


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