It’s funny… ever notice that when you start thinking of something you start see it everywhere? Well, that’s been happening with Twitter for me.


Ever since I started “Tweeting,” I have seen Twitter written about in newspapers, noticed it as the subject of comic strips (Doonesbury in particular), seen on TV and, of course, on the internet.

I am amazed at the power and reach it has. Since joining Twitter just about 6 weeks ago, 647 people have started following me and I have posted over 1300 updates. I get Tweets from people all over the world and even get to see photos of Lance Armstrong as he is sipping a glass of wine (or moments after his collarbone surgery).

I have Tweeted as we traveled to Georgia for an RV show, and I have Tweeted as we prepared a Folbot for a Greenland Expedition (follow Chris Paton on Twitter!). We conceived a whole new multisport event (the Ultimate Biayaklon) on Twitter. I have even Tweeted as I waited for my pizza order to be prepared.

Twitter has driven the number of readers of The Front up to record levels, brought people to Folbot’s Facebook page and introduced Folbot to people who have never heard of folding kayaks.

It’s not for everyone and lots of what’s out there is just plain silly. But, as David Pogue of the New York Times said, “Twitter? Its what you make it.”

For Folbot, it has helped bring our wonderful kayaks to a whole new world. Please follow me!


David A.

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