Cool Kayaks and Real People

Folbot is more than a 76 year old company with a rich history and cool kayaks.

The people who work here take great pride in what they do and I have been told by some of the staff that they “hope this is their last job.” We try to impart that sense of pride in every kayak we make.

A tangible way of communicating that pride is in part of the package we include with every new Folbot. There is a list of steps needed to make a Folbot and the crew member who took that step signs their name. As you can see, each kayak is made for a particular person.


I just received an email from a customer which included the following:

I laminated the inspection sheet that the boat came with that has the signatures of the folks who built the boat.  The sheet stays with the boat now, and every time I use the boat I see their names and think of the care they put into the boat.  Reminds me to take care of it too!


And on behalf of Mary, Viet, Phong, Ray, Herb, John, Lymus, Cindy, Lillian, Debra, Linda, and of course, Wanda, Phil and Tony… thank you.

David A.


4 thoughts on “Cool Kayaks and Real People

  1. That is too cool. If more people and industries too that kind of pride and personal responsibility, we would all be better off. I remember a TV commercial years ago like that. I talked about everyone signing their work and taking pride in a job well done.

    Amazing good stuff.

  2. It’s details like this that make the world a little less cold. I think it’s great. Someday I think I’ll have my own sheet of names from Folbot.

  3. I hope you have nothing but continued success. We have been renting various brands of kayak over the past few years, trying to decide what what type of kayaks we would ultimate buy for ourselves.

    We have learned a lot about what features we like and dislike, what features we care about, and what we can’t do without. One factor has been our lack of place to store full-sized hard boats, and one of the many reasons the Folbot made it to our list in the first place.

    Folbot has always been on our short list of choices and we had heard nothing bad about them at all. We have experienced the convenience of our inflatable, which is fun in a pinch, but brings a lot of drawbacks with it as well. Slow speed, twitchiness and too much flexibility causing drag in the water chief among them. It’s just not enough of a “real” kayak to be useful to us. And I don’t want to get it too deep in the sticks out here when a simple puncture tends to make the outing less pleasant.

    Like I said earlier, we have no place convenient to store a hard-shell boat for the near future, so that has always been a factor on those while we tried out the different styles, lengths and features we might like.

    This post has done a lot to convince us that your boats are the best choice for us, as not only are they great quality from all we have heard, but we like any company that stands behind it’s product like you do.

    When we are ready to finally purchase, you will be hearing from us!


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