Fabulous Folbot

Jack Kissner, the founder of Folbot, was a prolific writer about the joys of Folboting. He created a series of books called “Fabulous Folbot Holidays” which detailed (and I mean detailed) many of the adventures Folbots went on.


Another publication Mr. Kissner created was “Fabulous Folbot Recreation.” This larger sized publication was a cross between a book and a catalog. Here’s one from 1982:


Inside you could find such wonderful pictures as these:

Now this is kayak fishing!

Now this is kayak fishing!


"I love my Folbot"

It also had one of the all time great Folbot photos:




David A.


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Folbot

  1. I agree that whale picture is amazing!

    I’m really keen to find out more about Jack Kissner because I believe my grandfather Arthur Cavender was a partner in Folbot in London in the 1930s – Jack Kissner moved the business to New York and my grandfather continued the UK operation which became Granta Folding Boats in Cambridge, England making folding kayaks until the 1960s.

  2. Howdy David & Nick!

    Do either of you or anyone else in the family have any old Granta/Folbot material from the 1930s to 1960s? I’m specifically looking for portraits of your grandfather and any old photos of the folding boat works.


  3. Hi Wayne, I’m sure my mother has some old family photos and brochures etc, but not to hand. I’ll have to sort some out, but it may take me sometime. My grandfather published a couple of canoeing guidebooks too – one for Britain and one for France. I’ve seen the British one but not the French one. Why not e-mail me at nick.cavender @ gmail.com (no spaces) and let me know more about why you’re interested in Granta Boats!

    Regards Nick

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