Thanks Columbus

May is a wonderful time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whether it is spring springing, the economy recovering, the idea of the “staycation” being embraced, or people just liking Folbot – it is great to see orders coming in.

While operating from our modest home in Charleston, South Carolina, sometimes it is easy to forget Folbot’s reach. Sure the company is 76 years old. Sure it was founded in England by a native of Germany. Sure Folbots have been paddled throughout the world. But, still…

So let’s look at the reality.


Since January, Folbot has shipped kayaks to 13 countries – from Australia to the United Arab Emirates (we are working on Zambia!), we are adding a dealer in Taiwan to go with our existing dealers who represent us in eight other countries, and our website has been visited by people in 174 countries and territories. I can’t even count how many different places people come from that I have tweeted with on Twitter, nor those who come and read this blog. We have had media coverage from Singapore to Sweden – with some other really good coverage about to hit.

If you read the Folbot Forum, you also get a sense of the international reach of Folbot. Whether it is a paddler wondering how to get his Citibot from Vienna to the Mekong Delta, or someone posting photos from adventures in Australia or Croatia, there is participation from Folboters around the world.

So please visit us at our modest home in Charleston, SC, send emails and photos, join in on the Forum – and know you are part of something much larger.

David A.


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