Unofficial Folbot Tagline

For the last couple of days I have been holding a contest on Twitter (follow me!) in which the winner gets a Folbot hat.  The goal is to see who can come up with the best unofficial motto for Folbot. The official motto is:

FOLBOT_logotag (4)

The rules are simple: 1) the entry has to be clever and funny; 2) the winner will be chosen completely at my whim and the judging will be totally subjective; 3) we are a g-rated family kayak manufacturer, so it has to be relatively clean; and 4) any other rules I make up along the way will apply.

Some of the entries, randomly chosen are:

Like legos for grown ups with a sense of adventure!

Assemble or swim.

Folbot folding kayaks don’t suck like those crappy inflatable ones.

Sink hard, float soft.

Folbot makes skin tight look sexy on every body.

Folbot. Minutes of assembly and Hours of adventure.

Folbot. Take it on plane, take it on a train, pack it on a boat or carry it on a goat.

Water required. Roof rack… optional.

Who says you can’t take it with you?

Folding Kayaks since 1933. We kinda know what we’re doing. (add sarcasm where appropriate)

Adventure Awaits You* (some assembly required)

Fun is in the bag.

What do you think? Share your ideas!

David A.

6 thoughts on “Unofficial Folbot Tagline

  1. Vote for 1st place – Assemble or Swim
    Second place to the Dr. Seuss knockoff.
    3rd place to – Adventure Awaits (some assembly required)
    I recommend dropping the word You from that one.

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