How To Screw Up A Great Design

The Folbot factory was visited last week by two of our favorite Folboters — Ann R. and Ranger Tim. Ann, who is known as ‘Swamp Girl’ on the Folbot Forum, is famous for her solo adventures and Ranger Tim is a National Parks Ranger.

While Ann was having some modifications done to her Greenland II (Gilbert the Grape — a snazzy purple one), Ranger Tim and I had an interesting discussion about Folbots and automotive fuel efficiency. He told me that he had recently seen a beautiful RV trailer that was clearly designed to cut the wind and reduce drag. Something like this one:

airstreamThe problem was that the top of the trailer was loaded down with kayaks — which pretty much destroyed any fuel efficiency the design provided. He said he had seen the same thing with a Toyota Prius…

Toyota Prius

… a fantastically fuel efficient car, but when loaded with a roof rack and kayak on top, the MPG drop dramatically  (here is an interesting discussion on the topic).

Ranger Tim was baffled as to why these people, who clearly prize the fuel savings their cars and trailers create, would ruin the savings by strapping the kayaks to their roofs when they could use Folbots. The same can be said for anyone carrying a kayak on a car or trailer.

Between not having to buy roof racks and the savings in fuel, the Folbots pay for themselves.


David A.

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