T-Shirts, Compasses and Sausages

A few weeks ago I wrote about the results of the Twitter contest (follow me!) for an unofficial tagline for Folbot and how that clever line ended up on the back of our new t-shirt

The Back

The Back

Well, clearly clever taglines for kayak related t-shirts are all the rage.Β  A great fellow from Australia who goes by the name of “Fat Paddler” (or @fatpaddler on Twitter) recently had a contest to come up with a tagline for his personal shirt. (You can read all about the origin of his name and the contest on his great website.) With a name like that, the winning entry had to be good — and it was!

Fatpaddler t

Kudos for @NomadRip for coming up with that very funny line (Interestingly, @NomadRip also came up with the Folbot tagline — but a day after someone else had the same idea!).

Now, all Fat Paddler has to do is buy the Folbot he keeps Tweeting about.

David A.


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