We’re Listening

Folbot has always been a company of continuous improvement. Whether it’s developing new models of folding kayaks, modifying existing ones or creating cool accessories, it’s important to keep an open mind regarding suggestions and a sharp eye open for new ideas.

Just recently, we made a couple of small, but important changes as a result of comments from some customers.

First, we changed the material we use for longeron padding.  It was pointed out that, while it did the job,  the material we were using retained water and extended the drying time of the skin. John Burch, also known as Flatwater on the Folbot Forum, came up with a great solution we have adopted. We now use hypalon strips to pad the longerons — it is a great protective material and does not absorb water!

longeron padding

Check out John’s convincing argument about why hypalon should be used as the longeron padding.

Another change we’ve recently made is even more simple. We have added a handle to the top of the backpack used for the Cooper, Kiawah and Citibot.

backpack handle

This change was suggested by a number of customers. It may be a small change, but it makes a big difference when you are moving the loaded bag around.

So, please keep those suggestions coming. We ARE listening.

David A.


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