Publicity comes in all shapes and forms. Whether it is a mention on a TV or radio show, in a magazine or a newspaper (check out the recent National Geographic Adventure spread for the Citibot), or on neutral websites (like or, the more people who see good things from an independent source, the better it is for Folbot.


Some of the most interesting sources of publicity are the bloggers who cover many different products (distinguishing them from the bloggers who write about their own experiences — which, of course, is also a great source of publicity). We are fortunate to get some great coverage in the blogosphere.

Just recently, wrote a nice piece on the Citibot, and Active Junky had a great posting about all Folbots.

Bloggers also rely on other bloggers for their information.  You can see the same posting on, and Reviews and Test Club. used as its source and then used And so on and so on.

But the more people who read about Folbot the better!

So thanks to everyone in the blogosphere — and you read it here… on the Folbot blog.

David A.


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