Carolina Dreamin’

Ever find yourself in a spot where you just wish you had a kayak with you? This weekend, while traveling with my family, I found myself in exactly that situation. (Of  course, with a Folbot, it is pretty easy to always have one if you just keep it in the trunk of your car — which, unfortunately, I couldn’t do on this trip.)

We were in the lower part of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, along the Crystal Coast. Wow, what a  beautiful spot. It’s sort of a cross between Maine, Cape Cod and Charleston — beautiful houses, spectacular barrier islands, fantastic beaches… all with a colonial  east coast vibe.


We were lucky enough to spot some of the wild horses that descended from herds that escaped from Spanish shipwrecks in the 1700’s.

Not my photo, but it looked a lot like this!

Not my photo, but it looked a lot like this!

And we even checked out where Blackbeard the Pirate lived (and allegedly hanged his wife on the front porch).

Blackbeard's House

But, if only we had a kayak… there is some great water there!

Crystal Coast Water

Ah well… you can’t always have a Folbot with you.

David A.


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