Wow… Cool Letter

I received a wonderful email from Dotty D.  As they say, it speaks for itself…

emailicon I want to tell you, first, that this wonder is not the first [Folbot] in our boating experience…. Shortly after he was “released” from the Army after peace finally broke out post WWII, my husband spent some of his mustering-out money and, taking train, subway and ferry from Kearney, New Jersey to Long Island City, plunked down $100 and walked away with two sacks full of Folbot, back along the same route which he came…..

Anyway, the craft went everywhere: the Atlantic, Lake Champlain, various inland rivers too numerous to mention; no, it never got taken in an airplane….   It was a memory for the entire family; all three daughters grew up with it and they are, of course, now in their mid-50s….. My husband always bragged that he could jump on the bow and not be able to swamp the craft….

This Folbot [a new Greenland II] is a, sort of, replacement for the first one, which I decided would be too expensive to restore. And so, when my husband celebrated his 85th birthday and is contemplating retirement from our own business, it was high time that we got another Folbot….  We love it.   It is every bit as beautiful as the old one, only more so…  It is most definitely easier to assemble. It seems heavier than it should be —- but, as my husband said, “I’m not 25 anymore…”    It is a wonderful craft….

Because we work full time and our weather has not been great for boating, we took the kayak out for the first time on 4 July to Glimmerglass State Park, on the North end on Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, NY.   It was cold; it was windy (white caps); it did not rain….. We had put it together on the lawn at home, so a dry run had been accomplished. We were cold but we had a wonderful time and I thought that if we could do this, in not so great circumstances, we could put it in almost anywhere.

We look forward to many more adventures…

WWII. An 85th birthday present. Wow. Thanks for sharing, Dotty.
David A.

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